About Amsterdams Blauw

Amsterdams Blauw® is the denim collection of the Amsterdam-based fashion brand Scotch & Soda. The name Amsterdams Blauw (or: Amsterdam Blue) is the colour of paint that was used in the Golden Century between 1500-1750 to paint Dutch porcelain. The striking blue colour was obtained by mixing indigo from China and Japan with an oil-based paint. Nowadays, this colour is still widely visible in the streets of Amsterdam on house number plates and street signs. 
Scotch & Soda Amsterdams Blauw® is an ambitious young denim project that draws inspiration from American and Japanese denim aesthetics. We’re constantly inspired by our great city of Amsterdam, which allows us to be free in our approach to things. Amsterdams Blauw® wants to play the maverick card and be the new and fresh alternative for the denim establishment; we like to portray the collection as the challenger brand. After successfully launching the first men’s denim collection for Spring/Summer 2011, Scotch & Soda now also offers Amsterdams Blauw® collections for women, boys and girls.



For Fall/Winter 2013, the sixth collection of Amsterdams Blauw, we take it right back to where it all started. To the people, places and products that have inspired us for decades. The icons of denim. The anti-heroes. The pin-ups. The blue legends. This season we celebrate our own three iconic denim characters: there’s ‘the outlaw’. ‘the dandy’ and ‘the dreamer’. Each of these icons bring a different Scotch flavour, but their common link is their love for the blue’s. We imagined each of their wardrobes and how to punctuate them with that Amsterdams Blauw twist. From the iconic white tee to that leather jacket and those perfect blue jeans; the items that tell the story of its wearer.


Key fits

The Fall/Winter 2014 collection features many different silhouettes, with the slouch-slim tapered Raze as a new key fit. Scotch also offers an extensive range of new washes. Don’t miss the ‘Do It In The Dirt’ wash for that greased-up, oil-slicked biker look, worn with an over-dyed tee and grungy indigo knit for head-to-toe attitude. Or the ‘Jackson’s Green’, named after James Pollock, who always painted in his jeans and set denim trends by doing so. Part of the men’s line is a premium selection of denims by the name of LOT 22. This collection is specially laundered in Italy, using the most premium fabrics and washed only by hand. The Dean style continues to be the cornerstone of this collection, with innovation in fabric qualities, wash effects and hand repairs. For women, La Bohemienne is a new eye catcher for this season; a mid rise skinny with a great fit. The Maison Scotch Amsterdams Blauw collection also offers a whole new range of washes like the ‘Buffalo Stance’; a modern take on the 80’s acid wash is guaranteed to stay in the spotlight. And then there is the standout ‘Atomic Stretch’ wash: the essence of Debby Harry’s unkept, free and sexy attitude right down to its indigo core. We’re recreating iconic products today, for our Amsterdams Blauw legends of the future.